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Collision Repair

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If your vehicle survives a collision without being totaled, the most cost-effective way to get back on the road is to choose repair services funded by your insurance. The key is finding a team who will get the job done. At Bill’s Auto Body & Collision, we’ve been trusted by our community to repair collision damage since 1975. We’re proud to maintain an exceptional level of quality in every job we do, and enable our customers to return to normal as soon as possible.

Our team offers unmatched experience and expertise when it comes to car body repair in Moses Lake, and we streamline the process by working closely with your insurance company to provide insurance estimates. When you choose Bill’s Auto Body & Collision, you choose a team that will work for you to get you back on the road as soon as possible, all without breaking the bank. Contact us or stop by today to receive your free estimate and begin the repair process!


Why Choose Bill’s Auto Body & Collision After An Accident?

  • With 45+ years of service, we are one of the most experienced shops around

  • We have relationships with insurance companies both large and small, streamlining the insurance process

  • Our expert team handles every part of the repair process — from the paint job to the frame, and everything in between

  • We offer a free consultation, making it extremely easy to get started

  • We’ll help you get back on the road and back to your life!

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We Get You Back on the Road!

Who Should You Turn to After an Auto Accident?

Even the safest driver can find themselves in a car accident. Accidents never come at an opportune time, and the last thing you want to deal with a lengthy insurance and repair process. That’s where our team comes in — as the only insurance preferred shop in the area, we streamline the process by working alongside your insurance company to provide an estimate and get you back on the road as soon as possible, in a car that is repaired to the highest standards.

Whether you were in a small fender bender or your car requires extensive repairs, our expert team can perform any and all repairs. From simple fixes such as touching up your car’s paint job, to larger jobs such as mechanical work and frame straightening, our auto body repair technicians will handle the job with expertise.


Our Process

Having your vehicle out of commission is stressful. You need someone to get it back on the road without dragging their feet, cutting corners, or breaking the bank. Here’s some great news: efficient, high-quality, and affordable collision repair is our specialty! We’re here to provide all of our clients with excellent customer service and communication, and make the repair process as simple as possible. Here’s what to expect when you choose our team:

1. You Bring Your Vehicle for a Free Estimate

With no appointment required, this is just the start of our stress-free repair process. We’ll assess the damage and produce an itemized list of labor and parts costs. We’ll explain each item so you’re not left in the dark about the job ahead.

2. We Send Our Estimate and Photos to Your Insurance Company

In addition to our repair services, we’re a team of experienced insurance estimators. We’re highly trusted by insurance companies both large and small. Our relationships with insurance companies ensure a smooth and easy process, allowing you to begin with necessary repairs as soon as possible.

We’ll email you a copy of our estimate, with pictures if necessary, so you can forward it on to your insurance and begin the repair process. It’s as simple as that!

3. We Do All the Hard Work

Next, we’ll give your car the white-glove treatment, returning it to an even better state than it was before the collision. As the oldest and largest auto body shop in Moses Lake, we can tackle any repair work your car requires — from detailed scratch and dent repair to major frame or mechanical repair. We’ll notify you when we’re through, and you can come pick up your vehicle.

4. You Get Back on the Road!

And back on with your life! Car accidents shouldn’t have to cause a major disruption in your life, and our mission is to work to make this generally stressful process as stress-free as possible.

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Bill’s Auto Body & Collision is your top choice for insurance estimates and car body repair in Moses Lake. Get in touch with us today to learn why we’ve stayed in business since 1975, helping people repair their vehicles when they need it most.

We’ve worked tirelessly to gain the trust of our clients by prioritizing integrity and quality repair work in every single job. If you’ve been in an accident and need to get your car repaired, contact us today to schedule your free estimate. We look forward to serving you and helping you get back on the road!

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